Electrical Testing

D Cooper works with domestic and commercial business in the West Sussex area ensuring that their electrical connections, services and equipment comply with statutory safety regulations.  Electrical Installations should be tested and inspected routinely, as recommended by the Wiring Regulations.

Domestic installations should be tested and inspected at least every 10 years, with commercial, industrial and tenanted properties every 5 years or possibly more frequent.

For the home owner or prospective purchaser, I can also complete a visual check of the electrical system and produce a report which would highlight any failings or possible improvements required.

Letting agents, insurance companies and homebuyers catered for.  I can complete an Electrical Installation Condition Report (formerley the Periodic Inspection Report), which is a thorough test and inspection of the wiring, switchgear, protective devices, earthing and bonding, RCDs, insulation testing of wiring, inspection of wiring accessories. The completed report will highlight any failings and contains recommendations for improvement.

Are you a  landlord or do you rent out a property?

Please download the booklet from the government website http://www.communities.gov.uk/documents/housing/pdf/138307.pdf with reference to page 5 which refers to recommended testing of electrical installations and appliances.



"Taking  the complexity out of electrical compliance"